Warehouse management system (WMS)

ci.Himalayas/GLOBAL is a cloud-based warehouse management system with more than 150 functionalities required for warehouse management which is placed at No. 1 in market share in Japan for 11 consecutive years.
The system can be customized for each industry and each business. Moreover, it can support real-time data transmission and support multi-languages.

Cloud based WMS for SME & E-Commerce

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Cloud-based WMS (Non-customizable version) is an economical model that supports small and medium businesses with a limited budget and does not want to customize the system. However, the system still maintains full performance, supports real-time data transmission, and is available on Android.


A solution to facilitate business for extracting data from PDF files via scanner and able to store to your corporate database and interface the data to the other systems without key in anymore.

Voice Picking System

Voice Picking Solution is a paperless and hands-free system that uses easy-to-understanding voice prompts to directly order warehouse staff to specific locations throughout a warehouse and tell them which items to pick following delivery order.

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