Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system (WMS)

ci.Himalayas/GLOBAL is a cloud-based warehouse management system with more than 150 functionalities required for warehouse management such as goods receiving, shipping, inspection, location moving, data modification, circle counting, and billing. The system can be set to suggest the right place to manage the locations. Moreover, data from each distribution center can be managed from headquarter. The users can check the data in real time. Currently, our system supports multi-languages such as Thai, English, Chinese, Indonesian, and Myanmar language.

Since 2011, our system is placed at No. 1 in market share in Japan for 11 consecutive years.

Ref.  : *Deloitte Tohmatsu Mic Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Smart Logistics Solutions Market Reality and Prospects [2022 Edition] https://mic-r.co.jp/mr/02560/

Have you ever thought,

“I want to manage my warehouse more efficiently and accurately”?

Our system supports both B2B and B2C with no size limitations such as 3PL, manufacture, retailer, or e-commerce. For logistics companies that need “Reducing Logistics Costs” and “Improve Logistics Quality”, we have many standard functions that can flexibly meet the different requirements of each customer and reduce the cost of deploying and operating servers with AWS cloud service.

‘s Feature

Reduce your infrastructure cost with cloud technology, which can use the system anywhere you want in real-time.

Since it is cloud-based (*1), the users do not need to install their servers. Therefore, it can reduce the initial investment cost and can use the WMS system all over the world with the internet. Moreover, the users can also check the data in real-time as well. Support for operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (*2).

*1 We can also provide an On-Premise WMS system.
*2 In the case of WMS system usage support, it is available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. If you want 24/7 service, you can use our additional services.

Our system supports all sizes and types of businesses.

Our system supports all sizes and types of businesses, both B2B and B2C. Whether they have less than 1,000 shipments per month to more than 1,000,000 shipments per day or have one or more distribution centers. In addition, our system can also be customized to be used with every industry or every product.

Compatible with other systems and devices.

Our system can be used with other systems and other devices such as Digital Picking System and barcode scanner etc.

Customer care & Support Center.

At the time of introducing the system, we will conduct a site inspection, advising and training the employees. After installation, we have a support team to help the customers. Providing service to answer questions and solve problems that may occur to increase the efficiency of customers’ operations.

Special functions to support each industry

We have options for specific functions of each business such as

Tire Weekly Control Function (Week and Year of tire production)

The system can control and allocate tires from the week and year of tire production including being able to input rack details.

Data interface between WMS and the other systems such as ERP and accounting system.

The data can be transmitted by data interface function via FTP server or API.

Minimum Stock Alert and Best Seller/No movement Report.

The system can send the notification for minimum stock via E-Mail. Moreover, there are also the Best Seller Item report and the No Movement item report.

Decimal point support.

Product weight information can be input as a decimal point.

SKU Management.

The system can manage inventory in SKU units. The user can input and manage product codes/colors/styles or sizes.

Vanning function.

After uploading Vanning Layout, the system will make loading instructions and validate loading items data and the plan.

The additional functions mentioned above are just a preliminary example. If you are interested and want to consult more, please click