What is Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Due to the widespread of the new coronavirus since March 2020, the business environment has changed to be the new normal. Most businesses are leveraging online retail technology to offer their goods to customers over the world. The E-commerce and logistics business is growing. Therefore we are a smart choice to give you everything you need to manage your inventory and validate each process. Including saving time and money. Nowadays we became an important part to support customer businesses in inventory management.

What is WMS?

WMS is a warehouse management system, which is a type of software that optimizes your warehouse management in each distribution center such as receiving inspections, putting away to any location, controlling FIFO or FEFO, inventory management, picking, packing, loading, and shipping, etc.

WMS can help not only optimize e-commerce and logistics business but is also extremely important for manufacturing. WMS can control both parts and finished goods. Moreover, there’s a function for assembling and set items. In addition, WMS also supports food, beverage, and drug data control such as manufacturing date, expiry date, or shelf life.

Why WMS is necessary for your business?

・It is able to validate each process in the warehouse.

・It is able to design workflow.

・It is able to set receiving and picking logic.

・It is able to check stock data in real-time.

・It is able to allocate the products by FIFO or FEFO.

・It supports product traceability.

・It is able to check packed product details.

・There are reports for all processes.

・It is able to use data for KPI and business analysis.

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